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High Chance sectors in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski include: metallurgic industry, electromechanical industry, clothing industry and construction industry. There are many companies acting within particular sectors therefore potential investors do not have problems with finding cooperating parties, deliverers or subcontractors in the area of the city and the region.

A list of companies from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski leading in the metallurgic and electromechanical sector
Company nameSectorProductsTarget marketWebsite
Celsa Huta Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o.Metallurgical
Steel Mill
Mechanical engineering
Long products
Forge products
Machines and devices for industry
Export National markethttp://www.celsaho.com/
WOST S.A.Metallurgical
Steel rolling mill
Builder’s squares: hot-rolled, isosceles and non-isoceles.
T profiles.
Production for energy, railroad, mining.
Export National markethttp://www.wostsa.pl/pl/
PW Hutnik Bobkiewicz, Cholewiński sp.k.Metal industrySteel constructions Constructing machines and devices Export National markethttp://www.hutnik.info.pl/
BC-LDS Sp. J.Metal industry Mechanical engineeringFuel tankers, gas tankers, airport tankers Export National markethttp://bclds.pl/
Grant Sp. z o.o.Metal industrySteel constructions Constructing machines and devices Export National markethttp://www.grant.ostrowiec.pl/
Finow Polska Sp. z o. o.Metal industry
Mechanical engineering
Construction of machines,
Steel constructions
Export National markethttp://finow.pl/
Odlewnia Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o.Metallurgy
Iron casting, Steel casting and non-ferrous metals Export National markethttp://www.odlewnia-ostrowiec.pl/
Kuźnia Ostrowiec
Sp. z o.o.
Springs and single leaf springs for heavy-loaded trucks and buses Export National markethttp://kuzniaostrowiec.pl/
Sp. z o.o.
Metal industryRoofing systems.Export National markethttp://www.budmat.pl/
Tool Shop AG Mirosław Rutkowski Sp.J.Metal industryPivots and axles, discs and valve seats, piston rods and pistons, screws, washers and nuts for atypical screws. Products for metallurgical and machinery industry.Export National markethttp://test.narzedziownia-ag.com/
JN METAL Jerzy NykielAluminium FundryProduction of aluminium alloysExport National markethttp://www.jnmetal.pl/
ELKOM TRADE S.A.MetalStorage containers: mesh, for wines and champagnes. Storage racks, mesh shelves. Pallet collars. Constructions from profiles and metal. Rollcontainers, carts, platforms. Cages and fencings for animals. Shop furniture, storage equipment. Gabions.Export National markethttp://www.elkomtrade.eu/
Danstoker Poland
Sp. z o.o.
Mechanical engineering
Designing, production, sale and servicing of combustion systems and energy production. Boilers, silos, devices for racking out, dust extraction.Export National markethttp://weiss2energy.eu/
Metalurgia Świętokrzyska
Sp. z o.o.
Export National markethttp://www.metalurgiaswietokrzyska.pl/
AGOL mgr inż. Zbigniew GorazdaMechanical engineeringIndustrial automation.National markethttp://www.agol.pl/
INSTAL s.c.MetalSteel flangesExport National markethttp://instal.ostrowiec.pl/
Climatic Sp. z o.o.MetalSpecialistic module systems for construction. Ventilation and air conditioning systems. Export National markethttp://climatic.pl/
P.P.H.U. IMPEXMetalAdvertising stands, display stands, storage furniture, bicycle accessories, accessories for children and infants.Export National markethttp://pphuimpex.com.pl/
Sp. z o.o.
Mechanical engineering
Designing and production of mobile disk and drum choppers for wood waste, hammer mills, milling machines for nullifying trunks. Export National markethttp://www.teknamotor.pl/
Zakłady Mechaniczne Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o.MetalMechanical machining, production of steel balls. National markethttp://www.eng.zmo.ostrowiec.pl/
Świętokrzyskie Centrum Badania Jakości Sp. z o.o.Metallurgy
Endurance and non-destructive tests of metallurgic products. Welded joints testing.National markethttp://scbj.pl/pl/
PH MetalowiecMetal
Mechanical engineering
Deep drilling, forges.
Machines and devices for lock chambers, barrages, dams. Elements for wind energy plants, hydro power plants. Semi-finished products for propulsion machineries in marine industry.
Export National markethttp://metalowiec.net/
Runarsson Sp. z o.o.Metal
Design office Mechanical engineering
Designing and production of steel constructions, machines and devices for industry.
Pressure vessels. Thermal and acoustic insulants.
Export National marketwww.runarsson.pl
Verdo Energy System Sp. z.o.o.Design office Mechanical engineeringDesigning combustion systems, energy production. Export National markethttps://www.verdo.com/dk


A list of companies from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski leading in the clothing sector
Company nameSectorProductsTarget marketwebsite
Wólczanka Shirts ManufacturingClothingWomen’s and men’s shirtsExporthttp://www.wolczanka.pl/
Sp. z o.o.Sewing roomWomen’s blousesNational market
Subtille Sp. z o.o.Clothing Sewing roomUnderwearExport
P.P.H.U. AMIDIndustrial sewing Sewing roomElastic packaging systems type Big Bag
polypropylene bags
National market
Production/Trade Facility „ADAX” Andrzej PietrzykowskiClothing Sewing roomWorkwearExport
National market
Lancer Fashion Sp. z o.o.Clothing Sewing roomShirtsExport
National market
Aneta Gryla Trade-Service Company CasmirClothing Sewing roomUnderwearExport
National market
P.P.H.U. "ATRA"Industrial sewing Sewing roomSheathing and dust covers for motorization Export
National market
P.P.H.U. Europol Tomasz WójcikClothing Sewing roomWorkwearNational markethttp://www.pphueuropol.pl/
KW Modex Sp.zo.o.Clothing Sewing roomShirtsNational market
"Artos" PPUH Anna PrzułuckaClothingDresses, shirts, blouses, women’sNational markethttp://minu.com.pl/
P.P.H.VERAClothingSocksNational markethttp://www.vera-skarpety.eu/
Max Box Grażyna WojtasikIndustrial sewingProduction of tentsNational market
Kostrabau Polska Kostrzewa Sp.j.ClothingWorkwearExport
National market
PW „TS” Damian Nowak Spółka CywilnaIndustrial sewingAccessories for vehiclesNational market
Mikado Mirosława WydrzyckaIndustrial sewingClothesNational market
P.P.H. „ANMAX” ANDRZEJ FULARAIndustrial sewingSheathing for motorizationExport
National market
PPHU "REWMAX" Wojciech KotClothingShirts for men and womenExport
National market
Production-Trade Company Grawin-Plus Winicjusz PawełczakClothingClothes, dresses, trousers, shirts, coat and skirtsExport
National market
Kavarito Sp. z o.o.
Sp. K.
National market